30 Year Reunion 2014

Class of 1984


We are planning a class reunion and service project on Sat, July 12. It will be held at the YMCA Andrews Ave facility. It is a new camp, recreation, and activity facility. For those who are interested we will start the day by helping the YMCA with various projects around their new facility such as landscape help, construction projects, cleaning and so forth.


I've worked out some details with the YMCA. The service project will begin at 10am and go until 4pm. You can come and go as desire and your schedule allows. Someone, maybe me, will flip burgers and dogs for lunch and probably have water, chips and so forth on hand. From 4-6pm we'll ...take a break so everyone can get showered (please:) and relax. Then, from 6pm-10pm we'll have a BYO party.

A designated driver will be available with a shuttle service and security will be on hand. For those participating in the service portion of the event (including family and friends) please forward T-shirt sizes to me at
 so I make sure everyone gets one. Neon Orange and Black, no one will miss us. If you are local and can bring rakes and/or wheelbarrows, that would be great! We will be spreading mulch and staining some of their structures and equipment.

If anyone has an idea for music especially for the after-party, please chime in. I'm guessing we have enough digital music that it wouldn't make much sense to spend money on a DJ so really we just need an MP3 and speakers. Oh, the YMCA also said they were working with a couple media sources to publicize our event and hopefully reach a few additional classmates.

I've seen a couple comments regarding bringing children to help with the service project. I think that is great! I would, however, ask that the BYO party from 6-10pm be reserved for only classmates and their spouses/significant ofhers.

That's all I have for now, please let me know if you have ideas or questions. I look forward to seeing you!


Please visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/laportehighschool1984/ or find Brad Hermsen on Facebook to keep up to date. Inform your classmates as we've only found about half of you so far. See you there!


Brad Hermsen

LaPorte High School Senior Class President

Class of 1984