35 years and going STRONG reunion

Event Details

Classmates, we had a great first meeting and I do believe we will have an entire day and night filled with something for everyone. In order for us to be able to make this event so everyone can afford to attend we will be looking for volunteers for many things. We have a volunteer site that we will need to add everyone’s email to and we will send you a link and you will be able to pick and choose what you would like to volunteer to help with. We will also be need everyone to tentatively give us an idea if they will be coming and how many will attend with you. This will give us a better idea of how much we need of everything.

As of right now we will have Brad’s breakfast bar (cocktails), 3 hr paintball session; if interested, field games (competitive) ??, silent auction, hog roast, snacks, dinner, dancing/karaoke, beer pong etc. Camping will be available as well, we will also have hotel information available for you.

We are looking at t-shirts that you will be able to purchase. Once we get a design done we will throw it out there for you all to see and let us know what you think.

This is an informal event, obviously. Comfortable clothing all day long and a bit nicer for evening time, if you choose too. There are areas of grass, gravel and concrete that you will be walking on. We do have indoor showers to use if you need to, however there are only two.

Once we have everything lined up we will put out a schedule of times for you.

If last night is any indication of how our class reunion is going to play out, well let me tell you. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A BLAST! 84 Party’s More!

P.S. since there will be drinking throughout the day it will not be a child friendly environment, however please feel free if you need to bring your child. However, after 4 pm it will be adults only. Thank you.

Please watch for email notices for updates and requests.  We do have a donation site on here as well as a Go Fund Me account on facebook if you'd like to donate to the reunion.

Please feel free to message me here or at Kathylphs84@gmail.com.  Thank you all!!