35 years and going STRONG reunion

Event Details

Well we made it. We all survived our 35 year class reunion.  What a day we had.  Food, fun, games, music, karaoke and plenting of drinking. Old friendships reunited and new friendships made.  I had the honor of hosting this event at my paintball facility.  As it was not an ideal venue my crew and I made it the best we could.  We worked and planned for months so you could all have fun at whatever price or not that you felt comfortable with. 

I want to say thank you to all the committee members, Shellie (Rinker) Kermin, Amy (Oberholtzer) Adams, Kathy (Putz) Weigel, Steve Starzyk and Randy Kostka. We had some awesome volunteers to help with set up, auction items, tear down, registration and more.  We couldn't have done it without you.  Thank you to all that gave to the go fund me account.  We have some funds for the next reunion now.

We remember the classmates that passed and I do believe they were there with us in spirit.  So much laughter I heard throughout the day, even in the heat of the day.  People popping in that decided at the last minute to come. We are glad you did.  To the ones that weren't able to make it for whatever reason, we missed you. 

We had the privilege of a photographer in the house Nancy McKee-West.  Below are the pictures she was able to capture.  Please enjoy and feel free to copy and share.  She has given our class the rights.  My daughter took the pictures that you can find on our facebook page. I do not have all the names of people so please feel free to share with me this information and I will update. 

Until the next reunion my friends.  Live, Laugh and Love

Thank you all!!

Scott WestScott West and Dillon Woodrick

John Osborn

Shelly Banic

Byron Stevens & Brad Hermsen

Rich Kennedy

Susan Peterson

Susan Peterson

Brad Hermsen and Michele Williams

Some of the awesome auction items

Patricia Stahl and Scott West

Some of our snacks - yum

more goodies that were shared

Doug Russell and Scott West

Hailmann Huskies

Critchfield Elementary

St. John - Will Link, Kris Kaslow, Randy Kostka

Carol Ray and Allison Lee, St. joe

Door Village, Susan Peterson, Rich Kennedy, Tricia Stahl and

Westville and Stillwell, Debbie Moore

Out of state schools, Brad Hermsen, Allison Lee, Michele Williams, and D'Janel Paulette.

John Konieczay

2019 Reunion committee: Shellie Rinker, Amy Oberholtzer, Steve Starzyk, Kathy Putz, Randal Kostka and Kathy Watson.

Kathy Watson and Amy Oberholtzer tryint to gather the classmates for pictures.

Friends forever!

Michele Williams, Amy Oberholtzer and John Konieczay

Kathy Watson, Shellie Rinker and D'janel Paulette

Darin Wildhart, Scott West & Steve Benner

Remembering our classmates that have passed.

Shellie Rinker and Amy Oberholtzer

Amy Oberholtzer

Amy Burris, Holly Schroeder, Tricia Stahl & Scott West

Hog Haven brought us our delicious dinner.

Carol Ray, Steve Starzyk, Dawn Phillips + more

Steve Starzyk, Phil Kunze, Brad Hermsen +  more

Scott West, Jenny Smith, Rick Kinas, D'Janel Paulette.

Kris Kaslow and Jenny Smith

Doug Russell

Will Link, Kathy Putz, Darin Wildhart & Dawn Phillips.

Cheryl Mrozinski & Lisa Schroeder

Linda LeRoy & Amy Burris

Ida Conners, Mary Patla & Shelly Banic.

Debbie Moore & hubby Kurt Williams.

Nanette Tillinghast signing class banner.

Helper Maria Dudiak checking in Rod Levine.

Class photo

Darin Wildhart & Amy Burris.

Carol Ray and Brad Hermsen.

Shellie Rinker and hubby Tom Kermin winner of the LPHS throw blanket.  Congrats!  Just one of the many awesome auction items.

Shellie Rinker and Amy Oberholtzer.

Kathy Watson and Scott West.

Sherwood Forest Paintball

Time for some cornhole games.

Time for some euchre.

Memory jars

Our class president Brad Hermsen.